Organic Tatvam
Organic Tatvam

Organic Tatvam

Founders: Kushik Naveen & Preeti Naveen

“All the credit goes to my Nani who inspired this unique idea. She had always been a cow lover, she had a cow shelter in Moradabad, where she served more than 100 cows. She used to make cow dung diyas and give it to people for free.
That is when it struck me why not bring this idea to the masses, where we can replace most of the chemically infused pooja products with natural, organically made cow dung products? We started off with one type of diya, now we have 4 kinds of diyas in our catalogue, along with sambrani cups (replacement of dhoop sticks), cow dung logs and cakes.
We, at Organic Tatvam, aim to promote the use of eco-friendly and sustainable products for a healthy future. Our ‘cow dung’ products are not only beneficial for controlling the pollution, and clearing the air, burning it will also create a positive aura in your households.
There is a balance in nature and as human beings it is our responsibility to maintain it and sustain an equilibrium. Due to the harmful activities of humans, there has been an equilibrium shift and this is the correct time to improve it and bring that balance once again.
Our range of products aims at bringing back the balance in nature.
All our offerings are totally eco-friendly and full of goodness and aim at conserving the environment.

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