We are consumers, we are altruists. We are rebels, we are conservationists. We are artists and communicators. Dreamers and realists. We are explores, adventurers, wanderers and time travellers. We are a bunch of enthusiastic entrepreneurs out to redefine how we all source, buy and consume organic, natural and artisanal produce. We are coming-out-of-the-closet earth warriors, ready to do our bit to save and nurture the environment. And apart from doing our regular part towards that end by reducing our carbon footprint, we have launched this platform; to put you, the conscious and aware consumer, in touch with artisanal and genuine producers.

So together, we all, you, us and the producers, make a merry band of amazing people. How cool is that?

For further information, contact us on care@98fields.com Or simply pick up the phone and call +91 782 732 6631