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Sinless Foods

Sinless Foods

In the course of his travels, Jamal Kidwai, the man behind Sinless Foods, was in the habit of talking to farmers and producers. During his interactions with farmers from Bihar and Kashmir, he learned that because of lack of resources and lack of awareness, the farmers have to depend on middlemen to sell their produce to the end-customers. He also learned that farmers do not use pesticides or other chemicals. It’s the middlemen who treat these products to enhance their looks and extend their shelf-life. The result is, unfairly low price for the farmers and poor quality produce for the consumers.

Jamal was already in contact with farmers and had a keen interest to do something for the community. This information was the trigger that resulted in the birth of Sinless Foods. Sinless Foods is a modest effort to connect farmers with the customers, offer high quality food products and give fair prices to the farmers. Now, what can be simpler than this?

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    To actually review it, I'll have to order again. Because as soon as the package arrived, my daughter popped a handful in her mouth. And the entire pack was finished in half an hour as she kept munching on it while studying! So I'm assuming it must have been really good if it can get a teenager to snack on it over a bag of potato chips.