Joyous Beam Candles
Joyous Beam Candles

Joyous Beam Candles

Normally, when you think of siblings, you picture them either squabbling or having fun together. In this case, these two sisters got together to unleash their creative best and deliver joy, in 2016.

Priyanshi and Yashvi create handmade, unique Candles in Jar. And they are extremely proud of the fact that all their raw materials are completely organic and non-toxic. The entire process of creating these candles – from cutting the wick to the right size to packing the candle in a way that it reaches safely to our clients – is supervised by a figurative hawk’s eye. Each and every jar is examined 8 times.

The sisters strongly believe that during the entire burning life of a Candle, a person should be able to feel joy. Whether it is by looking at the vibrant colours of their candles or their soothing fragrances that calm the nerves and help one de-stress, they believe a candle is much, much more than just a source of light. ‘Candles created by us will always serve a higher therapeutic, meditational and relaxing purpose’, they say.Yashvi, the younger of the siblings, works on the production part of the process, from handpicking the raw materials to finalising the magical formula. Priyanshi, the elder one, is responsible for designing new marketing strategies for both online and offline campaigns.

Yet, their roles overlap, as they often do with startups (and siblings). ‘We feel that when you have a baby startup the roles are blurred. You have to work on everything from being a courier girl to being a boss babe, everything needs special attention.
And we love getting into the details, they say.

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