DVAAR is a brand that showcases products related to meditation, workouts, and personal care made from natural products combining taste and utility to create a healthy and sustainable life.

About us:
Mahathi Vijayaprakash, the Founder, did her post-graduation in Advertising and Public Relations from Mumbai and has been a voice artist for the past 30 years. A creative person since the start, she has learned Indian classical music, western rock and pop music, and classical dance,( Bharatanatyam) as a child.
She got into fitness ten tears ago and has dabbled in running, swimming, cycling, and consistently practiced Yoga over the years. She is fond of trekking and has done a few Himalayan treks too. She believes making time for fitness should be a priority in our daily life. A healthy population makes for a healthy and productive country.

Kavya Vijayprakash, the Co-Founder, is doing her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the Netherlands but is currently in India due to the pandemic. She initiated and lead the LIC (Learn, Interact & Communicate) campaign in her school where she, along with her team, taught English to little kids in the slums in Mumbai. She was awarded the end-of-year leadership award in her final year in school. She is into fitness and practices Yoga regularly with her mother. She has been particular about the environment and has participated in beach clean-ups and other similar drives. She helped set up DVAAR and handles the designing of products and the digital marketing of DVAAR.

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