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Fabbox was started by a bunch of foodies looking for healthy snacking options. The brand’s mantra is ‘Healthy can be Tasty’. They’re on a mission to instill a healthy habit that will change the way India consumes snacks! 

 Their ingredients are sourced from highest quality farmlands and produced in small batches to maintain freshness. ‘Our chefs strive hard to get you the delightful taste in the healthiest way’, say the folks at Fabbox.
Fabbox started in 2015 with about 20 snacks. Today, they serve over 70+ snacks under various categories like Veggie Chips, Super Nuts, Seeds & Mixes, Makhanas, Fruit Chews, and Health Bars… and more. And each one, as delicious as the other.  

Living in such a fast-paced world where people barely have time to look after their health, Fabbox is here with crazy, delicious and super healthy snacks, curated specially for you. 

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