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Sanjiv Nischal, Founder of Hi Life Has been a product person all his life. He curated many high-end products for a multitude of brands related to healthcare, personal care & wellness. It was his vision to create a global brand from Indian soil with the potential to outperform every other brand in the same vertical.

The reason why Hi Life is a women’s brand lies in the fact that Sanjiv always found women around him suffering from various issues related to intimate hygiene & overall wellness. He realizes that there is a huge gap when it comes to women’s products in Indian market – the quality & standard is missing.The brand Hi Life originates from this single thought of making India a forerunner of quality products.

Unique Fact – The brand Hi Life was founded in the year 2016 but Sanjiv wanted to come in the market with complete confidence and so he dedicated 4 years more on the research. He kept on travelling during that time to find the best ingredients that can effectively address the pain points of women across the world. Hence Hi Life takes pride in its name as it reflects high quality, high standards, and high-end technology.

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