Being a wildlife photographer and a nature enthusiast, Suraj has always had a keen eye for nature and wildlife. Having travelled and explored a lot, he believes that our planet has a lot to offer and we can reap its benefits only if we care and nurture it. 

But with major environmental changes taking place, he felt there was a need for action and decided ‘Revive’ would be his start to contribute to that change.

It all started with a simple shift in his mindset – which was going back in time 20 years and revisiting how he lives. “We were always fascinated about the old world charm of doing things, which was something that we needed to bring back into the modern-day world, all thanks to the wrong choices we made.”, says Suraj.

Revive caters to the customers’ needs by providing natural products that are essentials. Their main focus is to be sustainable, not just with the products but also their packaging.

The products are handmade, natural, ethical, and are either compostable, biodegradable or reusable. “We make sure the customers know what they are buying and how they are contributing to a better future by making better choices.”, says Suraj.

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