The Best India Company
The Best India Company

The Best India Company

In our family, the quest of finding real food is a continuous process. Our thumb rule is to buy directly from the source or erase it from our consumption list.
It was just a stroke of luck when I was exchanging our lockdown woes over a video call with my younger sister and my eyes met a jar of honey on her kitchen shelf…
She had recently shifted to Hasimara and Jaldapara where MURMU Adivasis inhabit the forest. They have been collecting honey from the forest since the prehistoric times. The real custodians of the art of wild honey collection.
We also pounced upon this opportunity and ordered the same honey without delay. The honey was runny in consistency and the pollen were visible. Each spoonful dazzled our palate like nothing else. We could feel the forest in every spoon. Using our senses and instincts we could make out the quality of honey. Well, there was one more thing which sealed the deal: my kids were having mild cough and it got completely cured because of the honey consumption.
We gifted honey to our near and dear ones to combat the corona scare. The honey rapidly became everyone’s favourite. And the chain reaction started.
What we have here is “LIQUID GOLD”. An authentic raw, unpasteurized, unheated, forest honey.
All good things must be shared. And The Best India Company was born out of this belief.

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