Life would be so simple if we could, say, have some healthy food once in a while and reap all the benefits of good health. I mean, after all, there are vaccines for which you just need to take a single shot, right? But unlike man-made vaccinations, nature hasn’t designed healthy eating and good health to be a one-time fix. You can’t have just a cup of green tea once in a while and expect it to work its magic.

Healthy eating is a habit you have to inculcate, and then practice every single day of your life to experience the rewards. It seems tough at first, but the good news is, once your body starts accepting the change, it re-programmes itself around the new lifestyle. Hunger pangs and cravings for sugars and fats begin to recede as your body becomes healthier. Also, because you are visibly seeing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, you tend to feel guilty whenever you cheat. Hence, the tendency to do that (cheat) reduces. It’s like your regular exercise regime – once your body is used to its daily workout, you feel incomplete unless you log in your daily hour or two. Organic and natural food choices are an integral part of good, healthy living. And at 98fields, we give you a vast choice of handpicked, curated organic/natural products. A majority of our sellers are artisanal and ‘small scale’. Their passion is very much an ingredient of their produce. For these foods to work their magic, you need to make them a part of your life. Buying them once in a while, like shopping on a regular e-commerce platform is not something we recommend. That’s why we spoil you for choice with so many sellers and products, so that you always have something exciting to discover on 98fields.

Allow us to be your guide on this journey.

You must explore the aata category on 98fields. Barley, maize, millet, jowar, ragi, amaranth, makki… you name it, it’s all there. These traditional Indian organic grains are a must as a staple if you want to do yourself some good.

Natural and plant based proteins are a must in anyone into an active lifestyle. And there are plenty of natural protein options on the ‘Post workout’ category at 98fields. Health bars and muesli from Yummsy are a must have in your gym bag. If you want to go the alternative route try the hemp proteins. Two sellers on 98fields – BOHECO and Indian Hemp Organics – have these amazing natural, hemp proteins. Hemp, for the uninitiated, has been used in traditional Indian medicine since ages. To raise the taste game and still get your protein fix go for White Mountain turmeric lattes, vanilla frappe and the all time favourite hot chocolate. White Mountain will make you do a re-think on what you’ve been consuming as hot chocolate till now. While still on the topic of lattes, SROT is another artisanal brand of pure, natural, Himalayan turmeric lattes on 98fields. And so is Haldivita. Their dietary mixes come in a number of awesome flavours and are a rich and natural source of protein. Another popular artisanal brand here is Foodstrong. Their daily natural protein varieties come in a pack of 16 servings and each serving gives you 26 g of protein. Just mix it in milk or water and down this super tasty offering. To make it all the more amazing, the daily protein also has turmeric, ashwagandha and green tea extract and is made from antibiotic-free cow milk.

But protein is not the only thing you need to boost health and fitness. This is where the immunity boosters and other superfoods come in. You might want to check out the organic ghee range from Orrina on 98fields. Orrina also has some outstanding cold pressed natural oils. A unique and rooted in tradition product from Orrina is there range of Goumutra Arks and capsules. According to the Indian traditional medicine system, goumutra is a must have dietary supplement. Foodstrong again has delicious Shape Shakes in cold coffee, kesarbadaam and chocolate flavours here.  Praakritik, a small scale organic producer has organic moringa powder and rolled oats, while SROT has excellent organic herbal infusions.And don’t forget to browse through the hemp seed supplements from BOHECO and Indian Hemp Organic. One sure shot way to do good for your health is to switch to organic cooking oils. Health Pro has coconut, groundnut, sesame, mustard and kachighani cold pressed oils to do just that. Find your flavour and get stronger and healthier.

In the beauty and personal care segment, 98fields is a treasure trove of genuine, health-friendly, super beneficial gems. Hair care, skin care, face care, lip balms, oils, women will be spoilt for choice here. The Coconut People has these out of the world cold pressed organic oils. Bare Necessities has spa bars, scrubs and face packs to make your care routine all natural and organic. Disguise Cosmetic’s nail care kit, sorbets, kajal and lip balms are totally pro-skin and free of artificial ingredients. Greenberry Organics has these conditioners and shampoos, creams, lotions, scrubs and oils that make getting organic into your lifestyle a breeze. Nature Therapy, as the name itself suggests, take their natural and organic origin very seriously. Be it their almond + walnut scrub soap, or rose mist; almond or flaxseed cold pressed oil or Jasmne after bath hair oil. You will be well advised to check their jojoba cold pressed oil, jasmine bath soap, lemongrass after bath body oil, lemongrass bath soap, rose mist, rose body oil and walnut cold pressed oil. The folks at Oleum Cottage deeply believe in holistic living and spirituality. Their facecleansers, tonics, and creams; treatment oils and lotions; hair oils and serums, men’s grooming, foot care, and lip butter are all hand blended using cold-pressed vegetable oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, and unrefined butter, from a carefully curated and meticulously researched list of over 80 rare ingredients from around the world, each one historically known for its therapeutic benefits. Revive is another gem in the beauty category you should explore on 98fields. Sustainability through better choices is their mantra. You shouldn’t miss their bamboo cotton makeup removers, face sponges in different flavours, natural face cleansers and lip balms. SOS Organics, based in the Kumaon hills, is another brand that has a loyal following of customers and fans.  They partner with locals and villagers to produce a handmade range of soaps, bars, oils, balms and a lot more. On 98fields, you’ll find their curated hampers or product baskets to ace your beauty game.

Not much into beauty but want to explore divinity? We’ve got you covered. Organic Tatvam on 98fields has a range of cow dung based diyas, havan samagri and sambrani cups in lavender, lemon grass, rose and tea tree fragrances.

Got a sweet tooth? 98fields is a superstore for different organic honeys, gud, jaggery and raw sugar. Kalplata Naturals’ 100% pure cane jaggery (desi gur) will not only enhance the taste of your tea or coffee, it’ll also give your health a boost. Or you can have it in its powdered form. either way, gud is a healthier alternative to sugar. The traditional process retains molasses and with it all the goodness of vitamins and many minerals like iron and potassium. It keeps the body warm, builds immunity, flushes out toxins and improves water retention & metabolism so when taken in small quantities it can even aid weight loss. Praakrit too has a range of organic jaggery powder, whole jaggery and raw, unrefined sugar. Divine Himalayas has sheesham honey, eucalyptus honey and wild forest honey. Each sourced naturally from the pristine valleys of Himachal, and free of preservatives or artificial additives. Or you can try Kalplata’s organic, multi-flora honey that like all good natural honeys is 100% pure, is unprocessed and retains all its original goodness. It is antibacterial, antifungal, full of antioxidants. It is a great digestive aid, an instant energy boost and overall good for preventive health care.  The Eastern Himalayan Forest Honey from The Best India Company is unpasteurized, raw, untreated, unfiltered and unheated. It’s brought to you in collaboration with the Murmu Adivasis. It’s only filtered with muslin cloth by to remove hive debris and wax. The honey is not like commercial honey in thickness as it is not heated. You can also see residues as the honey is full of natural pollens. The male members of the tribe collect the honey and the female partners bottle it. Equally loaded with goodness is the eucalyptus honey from Nature Therapy and the natural acacia honey from Praakritik. This 100% pure, raw and natural Acacia Honey is unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed. It is made from the nectar of black locust trees found in the foothills of the Himalayas. These drops of nectar are again anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-allergen, anti-anemic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. And then there’s the thyme honey from Everything Organik that has this absolutely amazing flavour and after taste.

Though this is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to the categories on 98fields, we are sure this gives you a fair idea as to what to expect. Start exploring and keep watching out for more from us.

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