One characteristic of organic produce is that it’s not always ‘beautiful’. That’s because it is grown by artisanal or small-scale producers and allowed to grow naturally, without being treated or processed.

Our website is somewhat similar.

We are a bunch of organic/earth/sustenance enthusiasts without deep pockets. We don’t have the resources to employ highly paid and super-skilled tech guys. The venture is self-funded and we are more often than not, struggling to keep the bytes and codes going. So, you might face some interface hurdles. Like products still appear in your cart even after being delivered and you have to remove them manually. Or you find out a certain product is not deliverable to your pincode. Etcetera, etcetera… You get the picture?

But we promise you, the products are genuine. The sellers are authentic. And they are actually doing a great service to small farmers and to our planet.

So hey, bear with us till we get things in order?

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