The question we are often asked is, ‘Why the name 98fields?’ And we love recounting this. ‘98’, because we aim to be big; yet, remain small enough so we don’t lose our identity and our personal relationship with each and every seller on our platform. And ‘fields’, because we bring authentic organic and natural produce to you. e-commerce with a soul. Which brings us to the contention that 98fields is not just another e-commerce platform. We curate products that are made by small, artisanal producers. These could be handmade, grown in small backyard farms or even kitchen gardens. All products are chemical-free, and either organic or natural. Partners with a heart. All our partner sellers are small farmers or work with marginalised, local farmers and artisans. They ensure that local economies get a boost and job opportunities are created in far-flung areas. All our partners put their passion into their work and take pride in what they produce. The tortoise wins Though 98fields is a commercial business, our main aim is to help genuine, small producers who are looking to make a difference to the kind of stuff we all consume. Therefore, to keep our costs low, we try and optimise our deliveries. What this means for you is, no same day or lightning-fast delivery speed. But then, the wait is going to be worth your time. After all, what you get is a labour of someone’s passion and commitment. Offers and discounts It’s age-old marketing wisdom that discounts kill brands. If you’re scouting for a price-off, you’re at the wrong place. 98fields is all about artisanal producers and sellers, who are pursuing their passion. They support the local farmers and community and take great pains to make quality produce available to you. Margins are thin, and a fair chunk of the margins go towards helping out the farmers. If you’re a regular at 98fields (and we sure hope you are, or are going to be), you would appreciate this thinking and be its champion. So dive right in. We welcome you to explore our sellers, their products and stories. And we invite you to share your thoughts with us too.

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